Flowers were taken from the Village Cemetery in Ballston Spa and investigators were led to two people looking to decorate their home, according to police.

Tavis Lapell, 34, and Taiya Armer, 41, are both charged after a man watched them take flowers he put on his wife’s grave for Mother’s Day, police said.

The victim was in the cemetery visiting another grave when he saw this take place, including gathering up the flowers and putting them in a black pickup truck and driving off, police report. So he followed Lapell and Armer to their home at 260 Ballston Ave. They were arrested on 7:30 p.m. Sunday, ticketed and released.

Investigators say the couple may have been stealing from other area cemeteries and using the items to decorate their house. Police are asking anyone who may have had anything disappear from a gravesite to give them a call at 885-5033.