For the second time this week we have a story of a house cleaner being accused of ripping off clients, but there is a twist in the case of Jennifer Do. 

She is the step-daughter of the elderly robbery victim, but suspicion didn’t fall on her until investigators came across her name in pawn shop records. 

In July of 2013 the victim reported that several pieces of jewelry which were valued at more than $3,000.00 had been stolen from her apartment in the Town of New Scotland.

Time passed, but investigators kept the case open and routinely checked local pawn shop records in an attempt to recover the missing items. Recently they discovered that 34 year old Jennifer L. Do had pawned some of the missing jewelry at a pawn shop in the City of Albany.

Do’s name is also attached to numerous other pawn shop sales. That leads Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple to believe there may be other victims.

Mrs. Do is a self-employed house cleaner.  Anyone who has had jewelry missing after she has done work for them is told to contact Criminal Investigations at (518)720-8075.

Do has been charged with Grand Larceny.

Earlier this week the Albany County D.A. accused Lisa Ann Duff of stealing jewelry from her house cleaning clients in Guilderland and Albany. In Duff’s case there is also a concern that there may be more victims.