Motown legend Smokey Robinson has a new album coming out on August 19th featuring 11 of his classic hits...the one difference is, he'll be singing them with different duet partners. For instance, Elton John will join Smokey on Tracks of My Tears and Sheryl Crow will join him on Tears Of a Clown. Other duet partners include Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Cee-Lo Green, Mary J. Blige, John Legend and James Taylor. Look for the album in stores on August 19th!

Meanwhile, so many different old TV shows are now being made into movies..and the latest one has to do with Bionics!  Yep, that's right, they're considering making The Six Million Dollar Man movie with Mark Wahlberg (pictured above) as the star.  What do you think....could you see Marky Mark as Steve Austin?  I think I could get behind that, as long as Lee Majors had a cameo appearance in the movie.