Okay, we've all heard of Road Rage and 'Roid Rage....what about Desk Rage?  It's a real thing apparently.  And according to a new survey it doesn't take much to set us off.  Here's the list of things that can make us crazy at the office...some are relatively small things, like fighting over who makes the coffee, all the way up to someone taking credit for your work.   Do any of these things set you over the edge?   I admit it...I don't like it when someone takes credit for my work, and I don't like it when someone starts chatting with me when I'm focused on something else, like talking with a client, or you know, talking with you.   Maybe computer or printer problems, or dealing with rude clients, or how about no time for lunch, or all the office gossip.....or someone messing up your desk (that one makes me nuts too).  What about you?  What sets you off at work?