Dancing with the Stars is back tonight on Channel 10!!!  I'm really looking forward to seeing this season!  They are changing some things around so before you watch tonight, check out the some of the changes to look for tonight.  First up, switcheroos...at some point during the season, the stars and their dancers will switch up for a week to be determined by viewer vote.  Secondly, the voting will be different....this time around, the votes will be tallyed the day after the show, so even though a couple may be competing, they actually may have already been voted out the week before, they just won't know it yet; Erin Andrews will be in for the leaving Brooke Burke-Charvet; There will be a new band lead by Ray Chew who has worked on Idol before; There will be a lot more guest judges; the ballroom will have a new look; and get ready for some healthy competition.  Sounds like it's going to be an exciting season!!  Watch tonight and we'll talk about it tomorrow morning!