Let's talk about old friends today.....you know the ones.  The people in your life who have always been there.  My friend Pam and I have been friends since we were 18 years old.   We've gone through ups, downs, happy times, sad times, and just about everything inbetween.   We've had times when we didn't see each other for months at a time, and then we've had times when we've seen each other several times a week.  The thing is, we know we'll always be friends.  There's just too much history and too much that we've gone through together, so we know we'll always be there.   Plus I know all her skeletons and she knows all mine.   So what about you....do you have a friend like that?  Someone who's been through everything with you, who've you've known forever.  Tell me about them.  I want to know.  Do you have a childhood friend who is still with you today?