Yesterday at this very time, we were talking about how sad I was because I had finished binge watching Friday Night Lights.  I asked you for your help, and of course, you came through for me.  I've already started bingeing 13 Reasons Why which was a great suggestion I received and I like it though it's kind of sad.  But the big news, like a gift from the TV Gods, one of our favorite shows is returning again.  Are you ready????   The X-Files will be back for ten, count 'em, TEN episodes in the 2017-2018 season!  They're going to start filming this summer, and the shows will probably air beginning in January!   I couldn't be happier.  You know what a BIG X-files fan I am!!  I'm all in. Find out more about the return here.   Are you as happy as I am?  Let me know, and tell me which shows you wish would come back!!