Albany residents Miles Joris-Peyrafitte and Madison Harrison were lifelong friends who loved movies. They both learned their craft at the Albany Free School.  So, they sat down, wrote a movie and Miles directed it, and it has become a sensation, winning a special jury price at the Sundance Film Festival.  And now it's getting it's Capital District Premiere on March 3rd at the Spectrum!!!  The film is called As You Are, and it's about the heightened experiences of being a teenager.  It's gotten rave reviews!!    I cannot wait to see it!  Just watch the trailer to see how good it looks.  At the March 3rd premiere at the Spectrum, Miles will be there to answer questions and to talk about the film.   The film was shot in and around Albany, and along with the premiere on March 3rd, it will play at the Spectrum so that we'll all have a chance to see it!!  Definitely a film worth checking out, for so many reasons.  First of all, it looks incredible.  Secondly, let's support our local homegrown talent, and as we support movies made in our area, more and more will be made here too!!   I'll be watching the movie that night!  Will you go to see it!!