Well, it looks like the people have had their say.  Monopoly asked all of us to vote on what token should be put out to pasture and it looks like the thimble is going away.   I'm a Monopoly purist so I don't like to see any of the older pieces gone, but I guess if one had to leave, that one makes the most sense.  My nieces and nephews didn't even know what a thimble was so that's that.  We don't know just yet what's going to replace the thimble, but it could be a hashtag, an emoji or a rubber duck.  Other pieces might be getting the boot too.  We'll find out on March 19th, which is World Monopoly Day.  That's when we'll find out everything that's leaving and what the new pieces are that we'll be playing with.  I hope they don't lose anymore of the tokens.  We need some history!  I'm not too thrilled with the idea of a hashtag of emoji.  What do you think?