Had to share this with you!  Another social dilemma came up.  Yesterday I got together with some old friends that I hadn't seen in a while, and one of them brought a friend of theirs with them.  So there were five of us, three friends that I knew and one new person who seemed very nice.  As old friends do we talked about a million different things, and somehow or another we got on the topic of bath towel, and where we bought ours and which were the fluffiest and all that.  And then we started talking about how often we wash our bath towels because that determines how often you need to buy new ones.  So I said I use the two shower rule.  I wash my towels after every two showers.  I have several sets of bath towels.  Some friends of mine thought that was way too ofte.  They said they use them for five showers before they wash them, but you know me I'm a bit of a clean freak.  However, the new person at the table, the one I didn't know, said we were all crazy and that we should be washing our bath towels after every single shower.   She went on and on about dead skin cells that get on the towels and that's why they should be washed after every shower.  Now here's me, the clean freak, defending my two shower rule, and she's making me feel like I'm the dirtiest person around.  And of course, because I have a touch of OCD, I've been thinking about it ever since.   Should I be washing them after every shower?  Are they no longer clean after one usage?  Of course my friends blew her off and will continue to wash after five uses.   So what do you think?  Should they be washed after one use, my two shower rule or wait until five.  Actually forget the five part of the question, I could never go that long, even if it's okay.   HELP!!