So I've made it to Myrtle Beach, and while the meteorologist called for chilly temps, it was  actually beautiful!  Sunny and 75 yesterday!  I promise to bring some of that home with me!  

Yesterday, I was with my nieces and nephew playing outside with their pups!   My sister-in-law has a new puppy, but I think I tired him out (along with my niece Gabrielle).  And then we had a Big Thanksgiving dinner (hey, I couldn't be here in November!).  It was a fantastic day!  

Today it's a shopping spree day with the kids (hey what good is it having an aunt in town if you don't take the kids to buy presents, right?).    I know it's very cold back home so like I said, I am doing my best to pack some sunshine and warmer temps in my bag!  

Have a great day!   Peace!

This is my Thanksgiving Dinner, it was great! Want to see more pictures from my Vacation? Click on the picture below!