Alright, let's take a trip down memory lane this morning!  With my mom staying with me, we find the time to talk about a bunch of things that happened when I was a kid.  Last night we were talking about food she used to force me to eat that I HATED!!!!!  Eggs was first on the list.  To this day, I cannot stand the taste of eggs!  I know most people love them, but I can't do it!  We laugh about it now, but she used to get me to eat them and I would do everything in my power not too, including sneaking them to the dog!   The other was strawberries.  My dad and I shared a birthday week so mom would always make strawberry shortcake for both of us, except I HATED strawberries (dad loved them, so I get it, but I would get so mad!).  Now I don't eat either.  What about you.  Do you have any foods you didn't like that your parents forced you to eat.  I can't be alone in this!!!