People Magazine came out with their list of the most beautiful women yesterday and topping that list was Oscar winner Lupito Nyong'o.  She is quite beautiful, no one can argue that.  Others on the list were Mindy Kaling, Pink and Kerry Washington.  All gorgeous.  Still, this issue always leaves me wanting more.  I always think, wouldn't it be great if People sent photographers to cities and towns across the country (or world) to find average people  who were beautiful.  Whether they were beautiful because of their looks, or because of what they did, or how they did their job or raised their children.  I don't know...just seems to me that would be a real cross-section of what beauty is, not just those who have made it in Hollywood and have hair and make-up artists and fashion consultants.  Lupito Nyong'o is beautiful, and so are the other women on the list, but don't you think there are a lot of beautiful women all across the world, not just in Hollywood?  What do you think?