photo credit: Aidras via photopin cc

I love whoever came up with the phrase, "the cone of shame." It's so appropriate! After icy mornings like today, trying to keep my little car on 890 to Crosstown Road hoping I make it to work on time - I've often thought how much better my life would be if I was a dog.

Except for today when my brother texted me this pic of his dog.

image: rcdavid

Meet "Apollo." He's my younger brother's Chihuahua. Really cool story of how they met... Apollo was a stray who came up to my brother's back porch one night outside of Modesto, California. My brother felt bad that this little dog was hungry and tired, so he let him in his place and Apollo hasn't left my brother's side since.

Except today when he had his operation at the Vet's office. And by the look on his little face, I bet you can guess what was done...