Every once in a while, I see an article come along about Action Park in Vernon Township, NJ. I grew up, not too far from this wonderful place. Now most people that were from the lower Hudson Valley or Northern New Jersey or even NYC remember going to this place at some point in the 80s and early 90s. 

And, if you're like me, you might remember it's famous nickname "Traction Park". This place was the most unsafe and dangerous park in the US and we didn't care because, hey, water parks in hot summers are a good thing right?

Some of the rides and attractions were so dangerous that they claimed lives, while some claimed limbs and others just maimed.

I never got hurt there, but I remember seeing plenty of people that did. And I know a few friends of mine that came away with scrapes, bruises, and and a few broken bones.

It blew my mind that the place was open for that long. Until it was finally closed in 1996, it had an insane run. A weird part of my past I will never forget.

The good folks at Buzzfeed have encapsulated the insanity of this place. 

Take a look at the 35 Horror Stories That Prove “Action Park” Was The Most Dangerous Park Ever. They also have a link to the documentary about the place, it brings back fun horrifying memories.