Ariz. Man Learns Hard Way That Snakes Are Not Toys

posted by Josh Rosenblatt -

An Arizona man claims he's finally learned his lesson about messing around with snakes after getting bitten for the second time in his life. 

Victor Pratt, 48, was holding a birthday party for his kid at home in Coolidge, Ariz., on Sept. 7 when he picked up a rattlesnake and began playing with it, Fox 10 reports. "When the kids saw it, I grabbed it," Pratt says. "I showed them how to catch it and I was playing with it like little kids do." 

After posing for several photos, Pratt lost his grip on the snake's head and the reptile bit him on the neck and face. The snakebite veteran had the presence of mind to ask friends to rush him to the hospital. "I said, 'We gotta go now,' because I knew what was going to happen," said Pratt. He was intubated and sedated for five days.

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