Corgi Has An All Too Human Reaction When His 'Best Friend' Moves Away

An eight-month-old corgi from Georgia has broken countless hearts when it was discovered the little dog had lost his "true best friend."

According to Nugget's owner Miranda Wassinger, 22, her playful pup is nothing short of a social butterfly.

"He tries to make friends with everyone, whether it's people or dogs, or even little frogs he sees outside - he just wants to be their friend," Wassinger told BuzzFeed News.

However, despite showering affection to everyone Nugget encounters, there is one special animal who has gained his full adoration: his neighbor Bonkers, a pint-size pup.

Wassinger said since she and her husband are friends with Bonkers' owners, a brotherly relationship between the two dogs just grew from there.

"It's kind of like Bonkers is his family, and in a way, kind of his big brother," she said.

Whenever Nugget and Wassinger went for a walk, the good-natured dog would always pull his leash towards' Bonkers residence.


Sadly, tragedy struck for the best friends when Bonkers' family decided to move away.

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