Katie Couric is Coming Back to NBC to Host the Olympic Opening Ceremonies!

Are you as excited as I am about the Winter Olympics coming up from South Korea?  I cannot wait!!  And now I can relax a little bit about who's going to be hosting the Opening Ceremonies.  I love watching the Opening Ceremonies.  We get to see all the countries.  We see entertainment and more, and it's important who brings that to us. Of course, in the recent past, it's been Matt Lauer.  And we all knew that wasn't going to happen again this year.  Well now we know, it's going to be former NBC host Katie Couric along with current NBC Sports anchor Mike Tirico.  Mike used to be with ESPN, but he's been with NBC for about a year now.  I think they'll do a fantastic job!  We're less than a month away!  So will you be watching?  Let me know.  And find out more about Katie and Mike here.



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