Everything Old is New Again - Party of Five is Coming Back

It seems like almost every day I'm telling you about some old TV show that is getting rebooted or coming back and today is no different.  Party of Five is coming back.  Do you remember the original show with Matthew Fox (who went on to Lost), Scott Wolf (who went on to everything), Neve Campbell (who went on to lots of movies including the Scream movies) and Lacy Chabert (who's on every Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel).  The premise of the original show was that the five kids (there was also baby Owen) who were left to take care of themselves after their parents were killed in a car accident.  This version of the show will be a bit different.  It will tell the story of five Latino kids, who have to take care of themselves when their parents get deported back to Mexico.  Sounds like an interesting take.  The show is being made by the same folks who did the original, and it's going to air on the Freeform network.  I'll definitely give it a try, what about you?


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