Social Dilemma - How Young Is Too Young to Make a Child Pay Rent?

Today's social dilemma came out of something I saw on Facebook, and I thought it was really interesting.  A mom is making her five year old daughter pay rent.   She gives her seven dollars for allowance, then takes five dollars back to pay for things.  one dollar for rent, one dollar for water, one dollar for electricity, one dollar for cable and one dollar for food. So she gets to keep two bucks.  Mom is actually putting the five bucks away in a savings account for her daughter when she turns 18, but is this too young to ask a kid to pay rent.  I started paying rent as soon as I got my first job at 15.  I only paid 10 bucks a week, and I hated it at the time, but now I'm so glad that my parents taught me how it was going to be in the real world.  However, other people think this woman is crazy.  I don't.  I think it's a good lesson and since she's actually getting to keep some of the money (the two bucks), I think her daughter will learn what the reality of life is.   What do you think?  Is this too young, should we let the five year olds just be kids, or is this is a good way to prepare them for life?



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