Social Dilemma - When Should You Stop Wearing Jeans?

This is wild.  Our social dilemma came from a story I read about wearing jeans.  I think it's the craziest thing I've ever heard though there are several people here at the studios who think that maybe it's right.  The story said that you should stop wearing jeans when you're....wait for it.....53!!!  53 years old!!  The study showed that it's too hard for people 53 or older to find jeans that fit them perfectly, so they may as well give up on it.  Now, when talking about this here, there were two women and one guy who said they think that's true.  It gets too frustrating to find jeans.  They're in their 40's and think it's already frustrating.  I said they're shopping in the wrong places.   You just need to know the shape of your body and shop in the places that work for you.  They said it's not worth it and mostly wear just black pants.  I said I will NEVER EVER stop wearing jeans.   What do you think?  Is there such a thing as being too old to wear jeans?  Heck, my mom still wears jeans.  I don't get this.  What do you think?  The original study is posted below.  I don't buy it for a second, what about you?

A great pair of jeans never goes out of style. But according to a 2017 study by British company CollectPlus, there's an age at which we should find a new way to be stylish.  And that age ... is 53.


We'll cede that there's probably a best-by date for crop tops and miniskirts (though we reserve the right to figure it out for ourselves).  But jeans? We're skeptical. Can we really grow out of wearing jeans?

To clarify, the survey doesn't rule out wearing jeans after 53 altogether. The thesis is that shopping for new pairs past this age isn't worth the trouble. One in 10 half-centurions try on six pairs and spend five days looking to find just one pair that fits. The process is so traumatic that 6 percent reportedly burst into tears.

So, if you can still fit into your old jeans, you're good! But shopping for new ones? The study says to forget it.

Since the options for clothing the lower halves of our bodies in adulthood seem to be rapidly dwindling, here are a few options that haven't yet been outlawed by the peanut gallery:

  • -Overalls. They're not just for toddlers anymore!
  • -Pantsuits. Always a great way to make a presidential statement.
  • -Caftans. It is an inalienable right to enter old age in a fabulous caftan. Apparently, that starts at 54.
  • -Astronaut suit. You'll be ready for anything!
  • -No pants. Technically you're not breaking any fashion rules.

All kidding aside, we believe you should wear what you want and leave the fashion rules where they belong: the past. Godspeed.

Full Frame Shot Of Jeans

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