Social Dilemma - Is It Okay for Your Spouse to Tell You to Lose Weight

Wow this is an interesting social dilemma that came from Paula.  I'm a hard no on this, but I look forward to hearing what you have to say.   Here's the email I received.

Hi Jaime, my name is Paula, and I like listening to your social dilemmas because you have so many good callers with different opinions.  So I wondered if you could ask this question because it happened to me, and I didn't like it, but I wanted to know if it happened to anyone else.  Is it okay for your husband (or wife) to tell you that you could lose a few pounds?  I've gained about ten pounds recently, and my husband made a comment about it and told me maybe I should walk more or cut back on some the sweeter things I eat.   I was furious.    But when we were fighting about it, he said it had nothing to do with how I looked, he was only looking out for my well being.  He wants me to be healthy.  And of course he loves me no matter what.  I still was really ticked off.  No doctor has ever said anything to me about my weight and I don't think ten pounds is that big of a deal.  And I already knew I had gained it so it wasn't a surprise to me. So do you think it was okay for my husband to say that?  Is it ever okay for a spouse to say something like that?  I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks.  Thanks Jaime.  Have a good day.  - Paula

Well, I don't think it's ever okay to say that with one possible exception.  You've gone to the doctor and the doc has told you for medical reasons that you have to lose weight.  Then I think it's the spouses job to be supportive of that weight loss, but just saying it for no reason.   Especially when it's only ten pounds.  I wouldn't be cool with that.  What do you think?


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