Another Day, Another TV Reboot, But This One Comes With the Original Cast!

Ahhh, another day and we know what that means.  News of another classic TV show being brought back!  But this time, it's a show I can get behind.  CBS has ordered 13 episodes of their 90's hit show, Murphy Brown!  And yes, Candace Bergen is coming back to play Murphy.  I loved this show when it was one.  And so did a lot of folks.  It ran for ten years and won countless Emmy's, five for Bergen alone.  So I love that it's coming back now because let's face it, news has changed since then.  Now it's cable news, fake news, social media and more.  How will our old pal Murphy handle all of that??  The show is expected to hit the airwaves in the 2018-2019 season, so we could see it before the end of the year.  The original writer and producer is back, so I'm all in.  What about you?  Will you watch the reboot of Murphy Brown!  Me, I can't wait!!


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