Social Dilemma - Do You Have Lots of Coffee Mugs, But Still Only Use One

This was such a funny email I got because I could relate to it so much.  And I wonder if you do the same thing.  Here goes.  

Hi Jaime.  I have a social dilemma for you, but it's a little bit different from some of your regular dilemmas, but I think it's something that happens to a lot of people.  I live with my husband and over the years we have collected lots of coffee mugs.  Some we've bought ourselves, others have been given as gifts or as part of promotion for work.  Today, I stood looking in our cabinet wondering why we have 26 mugs. 26. There are two of us in this house that drink coffee and we use the same 2 in rotation. Why don't we ever use some of the other mugs.  Some are really fun, like our favorite sports teams, or with kitties on them.  Several are from vacation spots we've been too, but we still only use two mugs...the two we use all the time.  Mine has Snoopy on it, and his is from the Peeps store.   Are we the only ones who do this??  We can't be.   Other people must do it too.   I know it's a different kind of dilemma, but I'd love to know if other people do this either with mugs or something else.   Please ask on your show.  Thanks so much Jaime.  Love listening to you everyday on the way to work.  Have a good day - Connie

This email was hysterical to me because we do the EXACT same thing in my house.  We have about 18 mugs in the cabinet.  We use the same two over and over again.  Mine is a Yankee mug, my sweeties is a Teachers Association mug.  That's it....we have some other great mugs, A NY Giants Mug, A Senor Frogs mug, one with a picture of my kittie who passed away on it, one with a picture of me and Cher on it, and the list goes on and on.  But still, we use the same ones over and over and over again.  It's insanity.  Do you do this?  If not with mugs with something else?  Help Connie and me out.  We're not the only crazy ones, are we?



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