Let's Talk About a BIG Movie Remake on the Horizon!!

Usually I'm not a fan of move remakes.  I always think, if they got it right the first time, just leave it alone, but this time, I'm all in.  Steven Spielberg sent out a casting call yesterday for a remake of West Side Story!!!   A script is being written. The Sharks and the Jets will clash again, this time under the direction of Steven Spielberg.   Little else is known about the project,, other than they are in the process of looking for their Anita, Maria, Bernardo and Tony!  I loved the original with Natalie Wood, Russ Tamblyn (Amber's dad) and George Chikaris!  I can't wait to see a remake.  Plus that music!  Nothing wrong with turning on a new generation to that music!!  I'm all in, what about you?


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