Social Dilemma - Is It Okay to Tell A Coworker/Boss They Have Bad Breath?

Boy this is a tough social dilemma.  The person who sent me the email asked that I not use her real name, so I won't, I'll just call her Debbie.  Here's the email.

Hi Jaime.  I love listening to your social dilemma everyday.  A lot of the times they are things I have experienced myself, for instance, I watch Jeopardy every night and I don't think it means that I'm old.  Anyway, one dilemma I haven't heard yet is something that I experience at work everyday.  It's delicate and I'm hoping for some good advice.  I have a boss who has such awful breath you can smell it from about two feet away. The worst part is he's a big part of sales so he's always talking to people one on one. I often wonder how many sales he lost just from the bad breath.  Other coworkers have noticed it too.  He's a great boss and a nice guy, but his breath is killer.  What should I do?  Do I just leave it alone and say nothing, or do I find a way to let him know, not only for the company's sake but for his own sake?  Thank you so much Jaime.  and thanks for waking me up everyday.  I look forward to your help. ~ "Debbie"

Wow, this is tough.  I guess, the thing I would do, which I've done in certain situations, is take out a breath mint and offer it to him as you take one yourself.   It's worth a shot.  Can you help Debbie out.  Please let me know what you think at the TRY facebook page.

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