Social Dilemma - TV In the Bedroom or Not?

This was an interesting email I received last week.  My answer is definitive on this, but thought I would bring it to you.  Here goes.

Hi Jaime, I found out recently that my husband and I are the only couple that we know who do not have a TV in the bedroom. Both of us can't sleep with any light or noise, so it's a no-brainer for us. But every couple we know has a TV in the bedroom and they look at us like we're the weird ones. Do you have a TV in the bedroom? How do you even sleep?  Hope you can use this as your social dilemma.  Thanks Jaime, and hope you have a good day - Angela.

Well, if you're asking me the answer is a definitive YES!!!  I would not survive without a TV in my bedroom. Now keep in mind, I don't like any light or noise either, but that just means I turn it off when I'm done and off to sleep I go.  But because of my hours, sometimes I watch TV in bed before I go to sleep.  It doesn't keep me awake usually, unless it's something really compelling, so I love having it there. A lot of my friends think it's wrong to have the TV in the bedroom because it keeps them from talking to their spouse.  That doesn't happen for us.  So I ask you...are you a TV in the bedroom person, or a no way to a TV person.   Let's help Angela out!


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