Social Dilemma - Is It Okay To Steal Teabags From A Hotel?

Okay, today's social dilemma is because of a friend of mine who happens to be in town.  He's staying at the Hyatt Place locally and he loves it!   However, he did something at the breakfast buffet that I thought was a little overboard.   He took more than his share of teabags.  He said he needs tea bags.  He keeps forgetting to buy them and they were right in front of him, so he took extras.....probably more than he should have.  But he says, that he doesn't drink enough tea that it weighs on his mind.   I told him taking one or two extras wouldn't be a big deal, but more than that is too much.  He disagreed and thought that they were there for the taking.  I told him that would be like taking a bunch of sugar or sweet and low to bring home with you and he said he does that too.  We laughed but the truth is, I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it.    Like I said, one or two, sure, but a handful, nope.   He said it's fine, and the hotel assumes it's going to happen.  So I ask you this morning, and yes, he's listening, do you think it was okay for him to take the extra teabags, or should he have only taken one or two?   Let me know what you think on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page!  Thanks!


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