Tom Hanks To Star As Mr. Rogers in New Movie!

Usually we're talking TV reboots right around now, but this morning it's a little different.  We are going to see an old friend we used to watch on TV, but this time we'll see him on the big screen.  Tom Hanks has just signed on to play Fred Rogers (the infamous Mr. Rogers) in a new movie called "You Are My Friend."  The movie is based on the relationship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod, who got to know the star of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood while writing a profile of him for Esquire magazine in 1998.    I think it's just what the world needs right now.  A reminder that kindness and respect always wins, and Mr. Rogers taught us that.  Find out more about the movie here, and let me know if you're interested in watching it.  I know I am!


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