And Yet Another TV Reboot - This One Comes Back from the 90's!

Here we go again.  Yep, it's time for me to tell you about another TV reboot.  A show that is coming back from the 90's, with a different cast and a little bit of a different telling of the story.  Back in the day when the show was on, it was about a group of high school students in Roswell, New Mexico.  Several of them were aliens.  It was a sweet, different take on the hardships of high school.  It starred Katherine Heigl (of Grey's Anatomy fame, Shiri Appleby of Unreal fame and a few more)   This time around the story will change a bit.   It will be about a young woman who leaves her hometown after high school only to return a few years later to find that her high school sweetheart is now a police officer......and an alien.  In getting reacquainted, they figure out that a bigger alien invasion is coming. (You can find out more about the show here.)  Now I can get behind sounds very much like the X-files so I'll be in.  But what about you?  Will you give this show a try?   Let me know what you think here.  


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