Finally News of a New TV Show, NOT a Reboot!!!

I am so excited about this.  Usually every day I have to tell you about another TV reboot from days gone by, but today, maybe because it's the first of February, or maybe because it's a late Christmas miracle, I get to tell you about a new show, that actually sounds great.  Here's the deal.   It's being created by Julian Fellows.  Julian is the man who created and wrote all of Downton Abbey, the show we loved and miss so much!  Well, Julian has created a new period piece called The Guilded Age, set in NYC in 1882.   It sounds like it's going to be fantastic, and it's already been picked up by NBC for ten episodes.  The only downside is that we have to wait until 2019 to see it.   I can't wait.  I miss my Downton so much that anything that is a good period piece and created by the same guy, I'm all in on.  Find out more about the new show, The Gilded Age by clicking here.  And then let me know if you'll be watching like I will!!!


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