Did You Watch The Premiere of Celebrity Big Brother?!?

I admit it, I'm a big Big Brother fan in the summertime.  You know, perfect time for guilty pleasures.  But I was unsure about Celebrity Big Brother, being in the winter and all, and only being three weeks long, plus will these celebrities just be acting the whole time they're there.  Well, last night put all my fears to rest.  It's so bad, it's great!!!  I loved every second of watching Omarosa pretend? to be nice.  And I liked the idea of the all women alliance.   And who would have guessed that a guy who was in a boy band would have such a big ego and not be the brightest bulb on the tree (I would).   I won't give too much away in case you haven't watched yet, but let me just say, I am in....I am all in.   Sure I'll be watching the Olympics, but Celebrity Big Brother is exactly why God made DVR's.   What about you?  Did you watch?  Are you with me?


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