If You Invite Some Co-workers To A Party, Do You Have To Invite Them All?

Today's Social Dilemma came about because of a conversation I was having with a coworker over the weekend.  She's throwing a party for someone we work with.  She is trying to figure out who to invite, but she was fearful that if she invited just a couple of coworkers, then others would feel left out.  I have to admit, I've been on both sides of that.  I've not been invited to a party that others were invited to, and I've had a party and only invited a few coworkers.  Here's what I learned for me.  If I have a party with coworkers involved, I invite everyone.  I don't like for anyone to feel left out and I always figure that the people who don't really want to hang out, just won't come.  And for the most part, that's how it's worked out with a few exceptions.  Still, my coworker said she doesn't want to get into all that, and is only going to invite a select few.  I said that's cool, but know that feelings might get hurt.  She's willing to take that hit.  So what do you think?  Do you do what I do, and invite everyone, knowing and hoping that only the ones you really want to be there will come, or do you do what my coworker is doing and just invite a select few, knowing that some feelings might get hurt?   


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