Black Panther Comes out Tomorrow and I'm All In! Are You With Me?

I love going to the movies.  Since I was a kid, it was always such a wonderful escape, and as an adult, I feel the same way.  Tomorrow, the new superhero movie, Black Panther opens up, and I'll be right there in the theater watching it.  I cannot wait!!  The movie is getting fantastic reviews across the board, and some are even saying it will have the biggest February opening of any movie ever.   I know I'll be adding to that total because I'm going tomorrow night to watch it.  What about you?  Are you with me?   It looks so so good.  Black Panther was introduced in the last Captain America movie, and now we get his origin story.  Looks fantastic and I'm all in.  Will you go see it this weekend?  Or at all?  Let me know on the 98-3 TRY facebook page



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