Dilemma - Do You Give Your Pets Middle Names/Special Nick Names?

Today's social dilemma is more of a fun one.  I was mocked when I had an old friend at my house over the weekend.  We haven't seen each other in probably 10 years.  Anyway, long story short, she heard me talking to my dog and cat.  And she thought it was hysterical.  First of all, my cat Jackson has a middle name.  Henri.  So at times I will call him Jackson Henri.  She couldn't believe that I could give my cat a middle name, and thought it was ridiculous.  Of course, then she heard me calling Leo "the Little Dude" to which she said, you're confusing him.  And I said, he's nine years old, he knows all his names, Leonardo Di Dogio, Buddy, Bubba, Dude and more.   She said you should give your pet one name and that's it otherwise they never learn their name.  I said my animals must be geniuses because they always know when I'm talking to them.  So simple question this morning.  Do you give your pets middle names or special, no pun intended, pet names.   I can't be the only one.  Please let me know.


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