Social Dilemma - Have You Ever Eaten in the Bathroom at Work?

Yesterday at work we were talking about this new study that was out about people eating in the bathroom at work.  It said about 40% of people do it.  I couldn't understand why anyone would do that.  I mean we have a very clean bathroom here with a little outer room and then you go into where the stalls are, etc., but still why would anyone eat in the bathroom.  Well, one of our coworkers, Lauren said she ate in the bathroom the whole first week of her first radio job. She didn't want people to see her eating.   I didn't understand.  She said she was just shy and didn't want to be alone in the lunch room.  Okay, I understand shyness, but eating in the bathroom.  I'd probably go outside and sit in my car before I did that.  She laughed it off and said she would never do it again, but she understand why people do it.   I still couldn't get it.  Plus, as you know I'm a bit of a clean freak, so the idea of eating in the bathroom was a little schkevy to me.   But I thought if the study says 40% of people have done it, Lauren can't be alone.  so Ithought I would ask you.  Have you ever eaten in the bathroom, either at work or at home or somewhere else.  Maybe you were trying to get a minute alone, or too shy or any one of a number of reasons.  Have you done it?  And if so why?  And if you've never done it, would you ever?  I can't see it for me, but I know in my life to never say never.   Let me know at the 98-3 TRY facebook page!


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