Social Dilemma - Are Tax Refunds for Fun Stuff or Bill Paying???

Today's social dilemma came out of a conversation I had with some coworkers yesterday.  I was talking about how I had an appointment with my accountant to do my taxes this weekend.  I said I was hoping the new tax laws didn't screw things up and I still get a nice tax return.  What do I consider a nice tax return?  Anywhere from $500-$1,000!!  I used to do my taxes myself but never got a return, but then someone suggested I go to an accountant who knows how to deduct everything properly and Voila!, tax return.  Okay, so I get excited each year around this time because I know I'll have some "free money."  That's what I call my return.   I know it's my money, and the government is just giving it back to me, but to me it feels like "free money."  So every year around this time, I decide if I want to use it towards a vacation, or to buy a new piece of furniture or something fun.  However, every single one of my coworkers told me I should use that money to either pay off some bills, or to save.  I explained that's no fun and I wouldn't do it unless something out of the ordinary happened and I needed the money right away.  So I thought I would ask you.  Do you use your tax return for something fun, like something you want, a vacation or gifts for people?  Or do you use it to pay off bills or to save?  I can't be the only one who likes to have some fun with the extra cash!  Let me know what you do at the 98-3 TRY Facebook page!


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