Social Dilemma - Do You Clean All The Snow Off Your Car?

Simple social dilemma today on this snowy Friday.  Do you completely clean off your car before you start driving it in a snowstorm, or do you only clear off the windows?  I ask the question because this morning, I cleaned off everything except the top of my car (It's a Hyundai Tuscon so the top is taller than I am).  I didn't have my snow rake with me so I didn't get the top.  I learned that is a bad thing because when I hit the brake all the snow on the top of the car came flying down my windshield.  But I cannot lie.  While most of the time I clean off my entire car, sometimes I don't go all the way.  So what about you?  No judgement zone here.  Do you completely clean it off, or do you only clear the spots you need to see out of.   Let me know on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page!  


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