Elton John Storms Off Stage in Vegas!

Friday night, Elton John was performing a concert in Vegas, and boy did he get ticked off!  So much so that he stormed off the stage at one point.  Apparently in concert, when Elton plays Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting, he brings up a bunch of audience members to hang out around the piano with him.  Usually it works out just fine.  However, on this particular night, there were some very handsy fans.  Some trying to touch him, others trying to play the piano, and you can see Elton screaming at them with a not so nice word that begins with F.    Ultimately he stormed off the stage, as you can see in the video below.  Everyone thought the concert was over, but Elton did return about ten minutes later after the stage had been cleared and announced to the audience that he would no longer be bringing fans on stage with him.  I hope he changes his mind on that by the time he gets to Albany.  Check it out all below.  NOTE: There is use of the F word in the video.  



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