Social Dilemma - Are the Oscars Too Political for You To Enjoy?

Had a very interesting conversation this morning at work.   As you know, I'm a HUGE Oscars fan.  For me as a movie geek, it's like watching the Super Bowl if you're a football fan.  I love everything about it.  The fashion, the jokes, the winners, the losers, everything.  I stay up waaaay too late to watch it all.  However at the office very early this morning, there were several people in our newsroom who said they would never watch the Oscars again.  They can't stand hearing the political statements from everyone.  They don't like the negativity against different issues so they stay away.  They want actors to act and leave the other stuff to the politicians.   For me, that doesn't bother me.  They're putting themselves out there so they know it could either help or hurt them, and if they don't care, I don't care.   But I was surprised by the response of several of the people who were so against watching them.  So I thought I would ask you how you feel about it.  Do you like to watch the Oscars and are you a movie geek?  Or do you wish you could watch, but just can't stand all the political grandstanding?  No judgement zone as always so let me know how you feel at the 98-3 TRY facebook page!


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