I Did My Ancestry DNA And You Won't Believe What I Found Out!

This is so cool!!  For Christmas I got an Ancestry DNA kit.  I kept putting it off and putting it off but about six weeks ago, I finally sent it in.  I got my results back over the weekend and they were pretty cool.  First off I found out that I am 94% Southern Italian.  The only surprise with that is that I was always told my family was from Northern Italy.  Guess not.  I am also 3% Middle Eastern, 2% European Jewish and less than 1% English.  Cool stuff.  But that's not the coolest stuff.  The coolest stuff is that I found out that I have several second cousins that I didn't even know about.   My paternal grandfather left my paternal grandmother and went off and had another family.  My father never knew them.  But now through Ancestry,I am finding these cousins I have.  It's so cool.  We haven't been in touch yet, but I'm hoping to be very soon!! I'm so glad I did it.  What about you?  Have you done your DNA test yet??  What did you find out?  Anything shocking like me?


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