Grease Returning to the Big Screen for 40th Anniversary!!

Grease is still the word!!  This makes me so happy!!! 40 years ago, a lot of us were just kids heading to the theaters to see Grease for the first time with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John!  Some of us have only ever seen it on TV or on DVD.  Well, now we can all celebrate together with the 40th anniversary of Grease!  It's coming back to theaters for two days only, April 8th and April 11th for two showings on each day at 2pm and 7pm!  Locally, we'll have the opportunity to see it at Crossgates Mall!!  I'm all in, who's with me!!!  Let's all go back to the big screen and watch Grease together.  Click here to find out more info and to buy your tickets!  


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