Social Dilemma - Should You Help Snow Blow Your Neighbors Driveways?

Today's social dilemma is appropriate considering the weather we're having.  It came from Michelle.  Here it is.   Hi Jaime--I have a dilemma for you especially with the snow coming up.  For a long time, my husband and I had a snow blower.  We would always do our driveway and then do the driveways of the neighbors on either side of us and my neighbor across the street.  Last year, our snowblower broke so basically everyone has been on their own.  We usually shovel or if it's really bad, we'll hire someone to plow it.  Earlier this winter, I saw that one of my neighbors who I used to snow blow for, bought their own snowblower.  However, they NEVER snow blow my driveway. They never even ask if we could use any help.   What should we do.  Should I mention something to them?  I love them as my neighbors and friends, but this is really making me crazy.  All those years I helped them, and now no help at all from them.  Or should I just leave it alone and do my own thing.  I'm leaning towards confronting them but thought it would be a good social dilemma for this week and I'm hoping you and your callers can help me out.   So what do you think?   Should I speak with them about it, leave it alone, or just decide our friendship is over.  I hope you can help.  Thanks Jaime.  Love listening every morning ~ Michelle

Well, for me, I wouldn't say anything.  While I'm sure it feels rotten that they don't help you out, I'm a believer that if you do something for someone else, it should be because you want to and not because you expect something back in return.  That's not always easy especially when friends hurt your feelings, but it's how I try to live.   What about you?  Let's help Michelle out.  Should she confront her neighbors or leave it alone.  Let me know on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.


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