Social Dilemma - Is It Okay To Ask Someone Out In a Department Store?

Today's Social Dilemma came from an email I received.  Check it out.  Hi Jaime, I love your show and have been listening for years! I have a serious question that maybe you or your listeners might have some insight on. (I'd like to remain anonymous ) Last week a woman posted on our local community facebook group that there was a man that approached her at Walmart and asked if she was single. After she rejected him, he respectfully walked away. Yet she posted his description and warned people to be on the lookout for him. I guess what concerned her was the fact she was at Walmart alone and it was also a big deal that he approached her while in the shoe department. He must have given her the "creeps" although she never went into any detail about anything he did wrong or vibes he gave her, other than asking if she was single.   A lot of people had comments and most of them were unkind, saying he should never have approached her and to be on the "lookout" for him.  I thought that was over the top.  I don't think the guy did anything wrong.  He wanted to ask her out, asked if she was single, she said no and he walked away.  No harm, no foul, so I still don't understand the nasty facebook write up and the comments that followed.   My question is: Do you feel it's wrong to approach a women who is shopping alone and ask if she is single? Is it too straight forward of a question? Do men now have to worry about approaching women at all because people think he might be a harrasser? A lot of women coming to her defense were saying if a woman is shopping alone it's because she doesn't want to be bothered and men should know better than to approach them.  I thought that was too harsh.  What do you think Jaime.  I can't wait to hear what your listeners think too.  Thank you so much.  

Personally I don't think the guy did anything wrong.  He was interested in the woman, she said no, he left her alone.  What's wrong with that.  Why post his info on facebook like he was a bad guy.  What do you think?  Did the woman who posted his info to "warn" others do the right thing or did she go to far?  Let me know what you think on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page. 


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