Social Dilemma - Would You Pay $12,000 for Your Cat's Kidney Transplant?

Wow, this is a tough social dilemma.  I look forward to hearing what you think.  This came from Laura and it's a difficult one.   Hi Jaime, my name is Laura.  I know you're an animal lover.  I hear you talking about your pets and I know you are always helping out the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society so I think you'll understand how I feel.    My husband and I have a wonderful cat that we love.  His name is George.  George is seven years old and we just found out that he needs a kidney transplant.  However, the cost of the transplant is $12,000.  We could take the money out of our savings but that would mean I don't get to buy the new car I needed (my car is a 2009), and it will cut into one our children's college fund.  However, we both think that George is worth it.  We're getting a lot of bad comments from neighbors, friends and even family members, but my husband and I along with our kids think we're doing the right thing for George.   I'm curious what you would do Jaime.  And I'd love to hear what your listeners think.  Please use this as a social dilemma.  I know there has to be other pet lovers out there who would do the same thing.  Thank you so much Jaime.  Take care ~ Laura

Well, I do understand Laura, that's for sure.  My last dog before my Leo had a seizure disorder and we spent quite a bit of money on trying to make him better.  It wasn't 12 grand, but it was probably around 5 grand.  I would definitely take everything into account, but if it was something that we could handle, we would probably try to save our baby too.  But we probably wouldn't take money out of our retirement fund to do it.   What about you?  What would you do in this situation?  Have you ever spent a lot on the medical issues of a pet?  Would you spent 12 grand for a kidney transplant for a cat?  Let me know what you think at the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.  


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