Would You Watch the New Scientology Network??

Okay, we love to talk about TV.  You know, new TV shows, old remakes and reboots.  All of it.  Well now it's time to talk about a new TV network!  Yep, premiering tonight at 8pm it's the Scientology Network.  Seriously.  Now the network will be available on Directo TV Channel 320, but if you have Spectrum, you'll have to watch it through the app, which you can find on your Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, Google Chrome, or just your phone or ipad.   They say the network will focus on Scientology stories and letting the world know what Scientology is all about.   So simple question this morning.  Would you watch this network?  Is it something you would tune in to check out?   They're going to make their own movies that will have Scientology themes, etc.  So would you be in to check them out?  I'm truly curious to know what you think.  Please tell me.  Will you check it out at some point?  I'll check it out but I doubt it would ever be more than being curious and then turning it off.  Tell me about you.



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