Will You Be Watching the Season Finale of "This Is Us" Tonight?

Tonight's the night we say goodbye to the Pearson family for six months!  It's the season finale of This is Us!  Will Kate and Toby get married?  Are Kevin and Randall okay?  And what's up with that clip of "older Jack?"  I can't wait to find out the answers to all this and more!!  So simple question for you today.  Will you be watching the season finale live tonight at 9pm on NBC, or will you DVR it and watch it tomorrow?  I am going to try to stay up, tho I admit that sometimes I'm not able to make it and I DVR it.  What about you?   

Oh and don't forget to watch the new show "Rise" which starts right after This is Us.  It's getting great reviews and it looks really good too.  I'll definitely be DVR'ing that one!!


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