Social Dilemma - How Late is Too Late to Snow Blow Your Driveway?

Okay, today's social dilemma came about because this was going on in my neighborhood pretty much all night last night. I know that I go to bed earlier than the average person so most of the time I respect that. But last night, I was awakened around 10:30 by the sound of not one but two of my neighbors snow blowing their driveways. Now I understand that this was a BIG snowstorm that is continuing into today. So I couldn't get too upset with them. I was trying to go to sleep and I was hearing the RRRRRRRR of a snow blower. I know it's a big storm, but do you think 10:30 is too late to snowblow? Here's the worst part. I ultimately fell back to sleep, but then around 1:30, I was awakened again, by a different neighbor who was snowblowing. Now the worst part about this is that that particular neighbor is a teacher so I knew he didn't have to get out early in the morning for work. He just likes his driveway to be cleared. The 10:30 I could live with, but the 1:30am upset me. Do you think I'm wrong to be upset? Do you think all bets are off with a storm like this? Let me know what you think on the TRY Facebook page.

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