Social Dilemma - How Late is Too Late to Snow Blow Your Driveway?

Okay, today's social dilemma came about because last night I was trying to go to bed and I was hearing the RRRRRRRR of a snow blower.  Here's what happened.  Over in East Greenbush, the snow started coming down really heavily around 5pm.  We got about four more inches of snow pretty quickly because it was coming down so fast.   Okay, I understand that people what to clear out their driveway.  I even went out and shoveled (more liked pushed) some snow off my driveway and back deck.  However, last night, I'm getting in to bed about 8:45, which is late for me because I was trying to stay up to watch This is Us.  So I turn on the TV, This is us comes on, and suddenly I hear the RRRRRRRR of the snow blower.  Now it's after 9 at this point.   Here's the thing.  I look out my window and it's not one but two of my neighbors snowblowing.   I love my neighbors, you know I do, but I thought this was a little bit much.  Ultimately I put off watching This is Us until this morning, which I did before I came into work, because I was distracted by the snowblowing.  I tried to go to bed, but you know how once a sound gets into your head, you can't ignore it?  Well, that was me.  So do you think I should have said anything?  Or do you think with all the snow we've been getting, it's normal to snow blow at 9pm?  Should I say something today?  What would you do...HELP!  


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