Social Dilemma - If You Had A Flat, Would You Accept Help from a Stranger?

Last night at karaoke, I got to see a friend of mine and her husband.   As we were chatting about stuff, she told me she recently had a flat tire and that while she was sitting on the side of the road getting ready to change her own tire because she couldn't wait for roadside assistance, no less than three men kindly pulled up behind her to see if she needed help. She said she waved all three of them off, explaining that the world is too dangerous and she didn't want their help.  And now with smart phones and roadside assistance, you don't necessarily need a stranger's help. She said she would never accept a stranger's help again, especially for something like that.  Her husband agreed with her.  It made me sad to hear that because I have always gotten help from strangers in those kinds of situations.  Once on the Thruway, two Walmart truckers pulled over and helped me out.  I've always accepted their help.  I get that in this day and age, you have to be smart, but I like to believe in the goodness of people.  So I wanted to see where you fell on this, because like I said, it made me feel sad, and I hope most people aren't like my friend.  So simple, do you accept help from a stranger if you have a flat tire or car troubles, or would you tell anyone who stopped and tried to help to just move on.   Please let me know at the 98-3 TRY Facebook page!


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