New David Bowie Statue Vandalized After Just Two Days

A couple of days ago, I told you about the new David Bowie statue that was going up in Aylesbury,  England.  And now, less than 48 hours after its unveiling, the statue has been vandalized. It's been sprayed with graffiti. Vandals wrote in black spray paint “RIP DB” and “Feed The Homeless First.” David Stopps who crowdfunded the project thinks the whole thing is a bit ironic. “The paint was on the statue, the wall behind and on the pavement,” Stopps explains. “It was about the homeless – but I do quite a lot for the homeless, which is the irony of the whole thing.”  He adds, “The man [Andrew Sinclair] who created the bronze casting is coming up tomorrow to blow torch it off the statue, which is the only way, and then re-waxing it.” The town’s mayor Mark Willis makes it a point to mention that none of the public’s money was used to create the “Earthly Messenger” statue that features Bowie’s multiple personas.  The statue was pretty amazing, showing David in all his incarnations.   Let's hope this time vandals leave it alone.  Check it out below



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